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10 Winter Driving Safety Tips

Here are some valuable tips to help you to prepare for winter driving:

  1. Keep your vehicles in good working order by having them serviced regularly.
  2. Store jumper cables, snow brush, scraper, gloves, hat, blanket, flashlight and water in your vehicle in case you get stuck.
  3. Carry a first-aid kit and refresh any supplies that may need to be replaced.
  4. Keep gas tanks full to prevent ice in the tank or fuel lines.
  5. Replace worn tires and check tire air pressure.

If you find you must drive in winter conditions, please remember the following:

  1. Do not rush. Driving slowly will help prevent accidents.
  2. Never warm-up a vehicle in a closed area.
  3. Clear windshield and windows completely before driving.
  4. Be sure the tailpipe is clear before you sit in a running vehicle.
  5. Do not follow snowplows too closely. Stay back at least 5 car lengths.