The Best and Worst States for Drivers: The best state for drivers in terms of gas and insurance costs, short commute times, and low car-theft rates is Idaho, while the worst state for drivers is Louisiana, due to high insurance premiums and high probabilities of fatal crashes, according to a new report from that used data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and other sources. The study indicates that whether a state is good or bad for drivers tends to be associated with how densely populated it is, with large urban areas being the most hazardous to drivers’ health and budgets.

The nine other best states were Vermont, with the lowest car theft rates in the nation; Wyoming, with the lowest repair costs and shortest commute times; Wisconsin; Maine; Iowa; Nebraska; South Dakota; and New Hampshire.

The nine other worst states for drivers were California, with the highest car-theft rate; Texas, with the highest traffic fatality rate; Maryland, with the longest commutes; New Jersey; Delaware; Georgia; New York; Hawaii; and Washington.