Smart Devices Can Keep Your Home and Family Safer

Modern smartphones have technology that keeps you safe and makes your daily tasks more convenient. And now, technology experts believe that “smart homes” can do the same for your home and family.

Common household appliances and devices, such as electrical outlets, lightbulbs, smoke alarms and more, are now available with networking and sensor technology similar to smartphones. A smart device uses your home’s Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth connection—and in some cases advanced sensors—to provide additional safety or convenience features.

For example, you could use an app on your smartphone to change the color or brightness of a smart light. Or, a smart thermostat could sense that your pipes are in danger of freezing and send an alert to your phone. These smart devices can work individually, or they can be networked together to enhance their capabilities. Here are a few examples of smart devices:

  • Electrical outlets: Smart outlets can monitor your home’s energy usage and automatically switch the power off during the night to save you money on your electrical bill.
  • Locks: Smart locks can detect your smartphone or a Bluetooth “key.” You can even send electronic keys to a trusted family member or friend, and determine on what day and times the key will work.
  • Appliances: Smart appliances, such as ovens, washing machines and refrigerators, can be monitored with a mobile app. They can also include analytics technology to run more efficiently and to determine when maintenance is needed.